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The Ethnocultural Community Network (ECN) is liaison group with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). ECN volunteers and support staff meet several times a year to discuss issues of interest to parents from ethnocultural minorities whose children may not be succeeding in school as well as they should. All are welcome at the meetings.


The mandate of ECN is to work with the ethno cultural communities and the TDSB staff to develop and support the implementation of a plan of activities that will enhance the successful integration and academic success of children of parents of the ethno cultural communities represented in the Network in TDSB schools.

The objective of the Network is to mobilize parents from various ethno cultural communities to participate in the process.

To develop an equity plan for students and parents in collaboration with TDSB staff, with special reference to Settlement Issues, ESL, International Languages and Equity in academic process.

To advocate on all these issues and to ensure that ECN’s concerns and work is known to other TDSB committees and senior staff of TDSB.

The work of ECN is still in progress. The role of the Steering Committee is to serve as a Liaison between the Board and the communities they serve and to plan the ECN meetings.

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  1. Hello. I was happy to learn of the ECN from my child’s school. This kind of work and support is so important in building strong, vibrant schools.

    I am White, from European ancestry and am interested in knowing if the ECN or others in TDSB are looking at systems and structures shaped by that cultural framework that may need to be analyzed and reformed as we work to create more representative and welcoming schools.

    Is the work of ECN primarily focused on helping children from ethnocultural communities “fit in” or does it also look at ways that the diverse identities present in our schools can be reflected in teaching staff, practices, and content?

    Finally, would I be able to participate in some way with ECN? A personal and professional focus for me is building intercultural communities capable of respectful, mutual and collaborative relationships. I have worked specifically with people from “dominant” culture to help them adapt to spaces shaped by other ethnocultural frameworks.

    Thank you for your work.

    Alice Schuda

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